Inflatable Sumo Suit


Great for a fancy dress parties and any dress up occasion, this Inflatable Sumo Suit is sure to cause a stir when you enter the room.

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With battery operated inflation you don’t have to waste a single ounce of energy blowing it up or worry about it deflating half way through the night and having to find someone willing to blow it back up for you! With this Inflatable Sumo Suit one size fits all so everyone can have a laugh pretending to stomp around like a real-life sumo – there is even a sumo-hair hat and a built-in nappy for that totally authentic look. Be warned….if you turn up to a house party in this bad boy, you may well find yourself inundated with requests to try it on! It is much more comfortable than a traditional sumo fancy dress as you’re surrounded by air and not padding – it’s lightweight, hilarious, and fit for any fun occasion!

The Inflatable Sumo Suit is made from high quality materials and are comfortable to wear – unlike some wrestling fancy dress costumes that are heavy and cumbersome, making you want to take them off as soon as you’ve put them on. In fact, the only issue with these inflatable sumo wrestling suits is that you might want to get someone to check you can make it through the door and out of the house once it’s on and fully inflated!

If you don’t fancy wearing this inflatable fat suit yourself, why not buy one for a mate? It makes a great costume for a stag party, or for the loser of a silly bet! This sumo wrestling costume is cheap enough that you can even buy one for your fancy dress collection, so you’re fully prepared for the day when it is exactly what’s called for! A great novelty gift, inflatable sumo suits are guaranteed to provide you with hours of entertainment.


Fun inflatable fancy dress costume.
Put one on and BAM you’re a sumo*.
Inflation instructions: Insert battery-powered fan into the costume’s inside pocket. Switch the battery pack on, clip it to your belt, step into the suit and pull it up. Connect the fan to the battery pack, pull the suit on completely, tighten at the neck and zip up. The fan will inflate your costume in seconds.
Uses 4 x AA batteries (not included)
100% nylon. Hand wash cold and line dry. Don’t iron. One size fits all.
*Please note that this is a fancy dress costume and not made for actual wrestling!


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